Unfretted is the Fretless Guitar resource with practical information such as an unfreted history, Pros and Cons, Reviews of Fretless Guitar's along with CDs, VG-88 (Roland VG88), and VG-99 (Roland VG99) patches, there are also many MP3s and artists profiles including Jahloon seventeenthofjanuary. If you are thinking of an unfretted guitar, see our hints and tips, you could have an Fretless Guitar sooner than you think. Building a fretless guitar, see our DIY pages. There is also a history of the Fretless Guitar and an unfretted dictionary. Village of the Unfretted is the double CD by the World's Fretless Guitarists. We also have a gigs page and fretless festival page listing the latest incarnation are the Fretless Guitar Festival in NYC and Den Haag. The fretless gitar has been around for quiet some time now, although it is still a rare and relatively unexplored instrument. See also our many reviews of Glissentar, Vigier, Surfretter, Sustainer, Godin, CDs. There is a transition phase, from guitar to fretless guitar. Its like walking all your life on Earth and then suddenly finding you can fly. All the fixed points you relied upon are gone, you are unfretted.

It does seem that from time to time many guitarists have unfretted their instruments, tinkered around, maybe recorded a track or two before hastily refretting. It may be that Western music is so well adapted to the fixed scale it is safer with frets, while influence from asian / eastern music is more suited to an unfretted philosophy. Unfretting is the act of converting a normal guitar into a Fretless Guitar. The unfretting part is quite simple. Most frets are tapped in, so tap them out with a hammer and punch. Some manufacturer's glue the frets so you may need to heat them up first. Once complete, you are unfretted! More unfretted news soon from Jahloon about our Fretless Guitar compliation album Village of the Unfretted.
Artists we feature include; Ned Evett and Franck Vigroux plus Andrzej Izdebski with Fareed Haque not forgetting Tim Donahue and Yannick Robert with US based Ron Thal and David Fiuczynski (Fuze). In Europe Timucin Sahin and Yan Vagh with Ratko Zjaca and our friend Sandor Szabo also Tom Baker and Erkan Ogur our good friend Edward Powell and Erik Hinds that Jeff Berg chap (listen to his CD The Vicar's Whistle) and luthier Patrice Vigier, Norwegian Tellef Ogrim and inventor Ryszard Latecki. Other unfretted performers from time to time include; Darby Slick Adrian Belew Reeves Gabrels Fred Loiseau Damien Cluzel Gary Moore Shawn Lane Jean Beauvoir Spacey T Singleton Marc Ducret Remy Chaudagne Michael den Elzen Elliot Sharpe and Ioannidis Nikolaos.
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